Patient Stories

There is no better way than a face-to-face meeting to determine if a consultant is the right healthcare partner for you, but prior to a consultation it may help to read about the experiences of some of the other people who have had similar treatments.

As you may expect, all of our testimonials are quite positive; some are brief others are very detailed with the information they have shared. If you are seeking more objective opinions and discussions about particular surgeons, we suggest you visit the Good Surgeon Guide, NHS Choices, and Compare All Care.

Victoria's PIP Implant Removal & Exchange

I am now nearly 7 weeks post op after having my PIP implants replaced by Mr Fatah at The Westbourne Centre.

The care I have received is nothing short of outstanding from the first point of contact when I mademy initial enquiries right through to my consultation, operation and post operative care.

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Katherine Woodley's Breast Augmentation

I had wanted Breast Enlargement surgery for many years. After breast feeding two children, I was left a size smaller (32B) and this prompted me to pursue Breast Augmentation. I visited two well known clinics, but was disappointed by the heavy use of sales teams and they didn't listen to me when I asked for a natural result. I was also not sure how I could justify staying in hospital overnight for a cosmetic procedure and one company even wanted me to travel to...

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Simon Greenfield's Ear Pinning Surgery

For years I had been unhappy with the appearance of my ears and in June of this year, I finally decided to look into corrective surgery.

I first became aware of The Westbourne Centre when searching the internet for places in the West Midlands to have ear pinning surgery carried out. After reading positive feedback, I decided to arrange a consultation with Mr Nishikawa.

During the consultation, Mr Nishikawa was completely realistic about...

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Sue Owen's Treatment with the Starlux 2940 Ablative Skin Resurfacing Laser

I arrived at The Westbourne Centre and was taken through the procedure and aftercare with Fiona (cosmetic nurse) and the Consultant.

The procedure took about 3/4 of an hour for the skin above my top lip to be lasered. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing in my opinion to worry about.

The very first time I looked in the mirror, I have to say was pretty scary. Fiona reassured me that the next day it would not look so bad and I was to...

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Jeanette Barton's MACS Facelift

In 2004, I was lucky enough to be recommended to Hiroshi Nishikawa via my GP as at this time I was very conscious about my baggy eyes and 'turkey' neck. In those days, the only solution was a full face-lift and blepharoplasty for my eyes. The results were amazing, although the down-time was substantial.

So when in 2011, it was clear that things needed a little 'tightening', I had no hesitation in returning to Mr Nishikawa to see what he could do. As usual,...

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Janet Lombardi's Face Surgery

Procedures: MACS Facelift, Upper Blepharoplasty, Liposuction to chin and Fat Transfer to lips and cheeks.

Like thousands of women during my early/mid 50's, I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the face that looked back at me. My only problem was that I was just not prepared or happy to live with the new mirrored image BUT equally I was afraid of the horror stories where cosmetic surgery has had dire consequences. Even celebrities paying top prices...

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Sue Squire's Breast Augmentation

I have always wanted larger breasts, but the thought of having a General Anaesthetic put me off, so when I read an article in a magazine about having breast surgery under Local Anaesthetic.

Iit stuck in my mind and I looked up The Westbourne Centre on the internet, asked for some details and I also watched the video clip from 'This Morning' TV programme on the homepage of The Westbourne Centre's website, which shows some of the operation taking place. I had...

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Jan's Jowl and Facelift with Fat Grafts to Cheeks

Jan, a lovely 60 year old lady from the West Midlands, had a jowl and facelift with fat grafts to her cheeks, to rejuvenate her appearance.  Here is her story.

Having had previous surgery with Mr Fatah I knew I would be in safe hands at the Westborne Centre,
I had had procedures under General Anaesthetic in the past which meant me having to have a few days in Hospital post op; so when I had my consultation with Mr Fatah and he explained that I...

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Wendy Hughes Mastopexy and Brow Lift

I was looking at my Sunday newspaper and a certain page caught my eye, it read that a lady had breast implants as a day procedure.

So after a week my friend encouraged me to give Westbourne Centre a ring for information. The staff were very helpful, I booked for a consultation and when the day arrived I was very nervous.  As I am fifty-two I thought that I would not be suitable for this procedure. Then a gentleman called me into his office, it was Mr...

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Testimonial for Joanne Redbourne regarding Obagi

Dear Sir, I have been attending the Westbourne Centre since October 2012 and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of Joanne Redbourne.

I consulted her regarding facial treatment in preparation for my daughter’s wedding in August 2013. 

She carried out a number of tests and recommend Obagi.  Joanne fully explained the present condition of my skin and exactly how Obagi would be beneficial.  It was obvious that she...

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