Frequently Asked Questions

Our consultants will endeavour to answer all of your questions during your consultation, however, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that you may find useful.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0121 456 0880 or contact us via the ‘Make an Enquiry’ form.

  • When would breast implants be placed under the muscle?

  • What is the difference between round and anatomical implants?

  • Where is the surgery performed?

    All surgery is carried out here at The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham. The only change in location would be if you required a general anaesthetic or overnight stay, in which case you would visit our sister hospital in Halesowen (approx. 7 miles away). It is quite rare that this happens as we do all of our surgeries using local anaesthetic with sedation as day surgery.

  • Who will I see at my consultation?

    Your surgical consultation will be with the consultant that will perform your surgery should you decide to proceed. We only offer nurse led consultations for our non-surgical treatments. You will likely see a nurse for some of your post-op appointments (to have stitches out, dressings changed etc), but you will also have follow up appointments with your designated consultant to allow continuity of your care.

  • Is the surgeon based in the UK?

    All of our surgeons are UK based and most hold permanent positions within NHS hospitals around the country.

  • What’s included in the surgery price of the surgery?

    Your surgical fee will include all aspects of the surgery, including the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetists fee (if required).

    Each surgeons works a little bit differently, but for the majority of treatments, all of you aftercare (including dressing changes, removal of stitches and follow up appointments) is included in the cost of your surgery. Most consultants offer free unlimited follow ups for 12 months, by which time you should have been discharged from their care.

  • Can I go home the same day?

    With all surgery carried out at The Westbourne Centre, you will be able to go home the same day. The only exception to this would be if your consultant feels you need to be monitored overnight, in which case you would spend the night at our sister hospital in Halesowen. Instances of this are rare and would be discussed with you at consultation.

  • What if I need a general anaesthetic?

    While we do not carry out general anaesthetic procedures here at The Westbourne Centre, we do recognise there are some circumstances where this is the best option for the patient. In these cases, you would have your treatment at our sister hospital in Halesowen. Instances of this are quite rare as all of our surgeries can be carried out under local anaesthesia.

  • Will I feel any pain?

    It is very rare to feel and pain or discomfort during surgery due to the nature of the anaesthetic. Your post-operative pain can also be managed well as pain management starts during your surgery. This allows for seamless pain relief in the days following your surgery. You can read more about the anaesthetic and pain management on our Local Anaesthetic page.

  • Do you have any other branches?

    We are an independent clinic based in Birmingham so do not have any other branches. All consultations and surgery is carried out here in Birmingham.

  • Are your consultations free?

    We do not offer free consultation with any of our consultants. As experts in their respective fields, we do feel that with any service, there is a value to their time and opinion.

    We also closely follow GMC guidelines which heavily advise against incentivising any sort of surgical procedure, as patients need to be thoroughly counselled about the risks and benefits of any procedure before making a decision.

  • Is there parking?

    We do have a small private car park on site which is free for patients and visitors. Spaces are available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, and cannot be guaranteed. Many of the roads nearby, such as Calthorpe Road, Westbourne Road and Highfield Road, allow 2 hours of free parking. There is also a pay and display car park behind The Highfield pub on Highfield Road.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    Consultation – This all depends on the specialist you are seeing and your condition. As a guideline the following items are always helpful if you have them: any referral letters, test results, copies of scans or x-rays, method of payment, list of current medications. However, you will be advised when you book your appointment of what you’ll need to bring.

    Surgery – depending on the type of surgery you’re having.

  • I’m travelling a long distance – will I still go home the same day?

    We get patients travelling from all over the country to have treatment with us. We do advise that if you are more than an hour drive away from The Centre, you should stay close by for the first night following your surgery. This just means you have easy access to us for the first 24 hours in case there is a problem and we need to see you.

    There are a number of hotels within very close proximity to us, and to suit a range of budgets. Our bookings team will be happy to make recommendations and help you with this process.

  • What happens if I have any problems when I get home/out of hours?

    As The Centre shuts overnight, you are given a phone number which will give you access to the on-call nurse. She will be able to provide advice and reassurance over the phone, or arrange for the on-call team to meet you back here at The Centre if we need to see you urgently.

  • Can I see before and after pictures?

    All of our consultants, particularly the cosmetic surgeons, keep before and after pictures of their previous cases with them during consultation. This allows them to show you examples of surgeries that are relevant to your individual specifications and avoid showing you images that bear no resemblance to what you are trying to achieve. This is the best way to manage your expectations of the potential surgical outcomes and make the best use of the consultation.

  • Can I have surgery on the same day as my consultation?

    It isn’t possible to have surgery on the same day as consultation. We will endeavour to get all treatments done as soon as feasibly possible and within your preferred time frame, in line with both surgeon and theatre’s availability.

    With all cosmetic procedures, there is a 2 week cooling off period between consultations and surgery. This is to ensure that you are completely happy with your decision and not rushed into any treatment.

  • How long are the waiting lists for surgery?

    The waiting lists for surgery depend on the procedure you’re having and your chosen consultant. It’s best to check with our bookings team and they can give you specific information relating to your consultant.

  • Payment Plans

    Payment plans are available should you wish to spread the cost of your treatment. More information about the options available, along with a finance calculator, can be found on the payment plans page.

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