'The only way this experience could’ve been better, is with a free pint at the end of the treatment'

'The only way this experience could’ve been better, is with a free pint at the end of the treatment' After
'The only way this experience could’ve been better, is with a free pint at the end of the treatment' Before

The Westbourne Centre being at the Priory Club’s treatment room is really convenient and accessible. The Priory is a beautiful club, with a relaxing atmosphere, which reflects well with the treatments. I had seen the banners, leaflets and the video advertisement around the club and so I was already aware of this new service.

I had a luxury facial, which I was informed by Giorgina that the products by ‘AlumierMD’ would be used throughout. I was slightly nervous before the treatment, as I had never had a facial before. However, it only took me a few minutes to completely relax, which Giorgina really helped with.

Giorgina didn’t just assume I had the treatment before and explained each step to me and how long they would take. I did have a few questions, that Giorgina was very detailed with her answers. I was shocked to find out that washing my face with a bar of soap, could actually cause more damage to my skin.

Giorgina explained what products she was using, why she was using them and the benefits to my skin. This was comforting, plus educating, as I had no idea about this sort of stuff. Products aside the treatment itself was really calming, maybe too calming, I nearly fell asleep at one point! This is something I would recommend to anyone, whether they are into treatments or not.

After the treatment I felt a difference, but to be honest, not knowing anything about skin care, I couldn’t see a difference. However in the days following the treatment, I had a lot of comments from friends of mine, such as, ‘you look different’ and ‘have you caught the sun’.  The funniest comment I received was, ‘have you actually washed today’ (I do every day) but the facial had shown to have had a great effect on my skin!

I can confidently recommend The Westbourne Centre to anyone I know, including all men. Taking care of your skin is nothing but beneficial, however there is an outdated stigma that men aren’t men if they get treatments, but you can still be a man and have healthy skin.

This being my first ever facial, I don’t have much to compare it to; however Giorgina was very professional and so it’s hard to imagine how the experience could be enhanced. The only way this experience could’ve been better is a free pint at the end of the treatment, but that might be asking too much. All I’m doing now is planning my next treatment!!


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