As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought, ‘why not treat myself?’

As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought, ‘why not treat myself?’ After
As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought, ‘why not treat myself?’ Before

I’d been told by several people about the HydraFacial and how brilliant it was for treating problematic skin, as well as for its anti-aging properties. I have always suffered on and off with problematic skin and it has always bugged me. As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought, ‘why not treat myself?’ So I booked a course of 6 and haven’t looked back.

I was in the safe hands of Giorgina, one of the beauty therapists at The Westbourne Centre. Her first step was to remove my make-up (I guess goes without saying). Giorgina was really informative, explaining each step to the whole process of the HydraFacial.

The HydraFacial has 6 steps:

1st – This is called the detox/suction stage. This did sound a bit extreme to me until I realised there was no pain. Just the complete satisfaction of knowing all the horrible toxins are being sucked out. You even get to actually see what is sucked out; people with weak stomachs may want to turn their heads at that point.

2nd – Cleanse and exfoliate. Which is something the majority of us are used to, but this steps it up a gear. The machine used for this stage is a bit on the noisy side, but you can really feel it’s doing the job. I’m told most breakouts on skin can be caused by not exfoliating enough, and so this stage made me feel really satisfied.

3rd – Brightening agent. Giorgina then did a mild glycolic and salicylic acid peel, which is for loosening debris from my pores. I’ve always been a bit wary of ‘peels’, because of having sensitive skin and reading some horror stories. However Giorgina told me, it’s very mild and she’d chosen it specifically for my skin. It also only stays on for a few minutes and causes your skin to have a slight tingle.  

4th – Extraction. Natural salicylic acid is used again, but this time with a honey extract. I’m told this is for blackheads and congested areas. , I always get congested areas on either side of my chin, which eventually causes breakouts. Not good, especially for someone who’s about to turn 30, so I was really happy to know Giorgina was going to focus on these areas for me!

5th – Hydration. Well it got its name from somewhere, didn’t it?! Now that all my blockages have been cleared, my fresh skin needs treating. It feels like Giorgina is drenching my skin, it’s beyond lovely!

6th – Rejuvenation. Giorgina uses an infrared LED light over my skin, telling me that it’ll pull the collagen to the surface of my skin. This is something I really noticed, I felt like my skin was really plump and it was glowing for days.

After my first visit to The Westbourne Centre, I really noticed my skin looking better and I felt so relaxed, as all the HydraFacial steps were really comfortable. Following my first treatment, I did notice my skin was a little dry. This was something Giorgina had made me aware of and had already told me in advance what facial routine I should be doing, with no surprises.

By the end of my second treatment, my skin wasn’t dry at all and it felt great; smooth, soft and very clean.

When my third treatment came around, I even noticed positive changes to areas of my skin, I hadn’t realised needed any attention.

Giorgina took before and after photos for me, as I wanted to see the actual changes to my complexion. These photos gave me a real sense of satisfaction, seeing how far my skin had improved from my first treatment. It amazed me how well the course has worked and now I know why they recommend courses of these treatments!

After finishing my course of 6 HydraFacials, I am completely over the moon and very happy with money well spent. Any fine lines I had, have now disappeared, pigmentation I didn’t even realise I had has diminished and my break-outs are few and far between. I honestly would recommend HydraFacial to everyone as it’s so versatile; they can customise the treatment for different skin types, targeting the areas that concern you most. Not only you get to see your skin improve, it’s a well needed 1 hour treat once a month!






This FDA approved face and body treatment detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; congested and enlarged pores; oily or acne prone skin;...

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