Jan's Jowl and Facelift with Fat Grafts to Cheeks

Jan, a lovely 60 year old lady from the West Midlands, had a jowl and facelift with fat grafts to her cheeks, to rejuvenate her appearance.  Here is her story.

Having had previous surgery with Mr Fatah I knew I would be in safe hands at the Westborne Centre,
I had had procedures under General Anaesthetic in the past which meant me having to have a few days in Hospital post op; so when I had my consultation with Mr Fatah and he explained that I could have the procedure under sedation and go home not long afterwards, I was delighted.

I found the experience amazing and within the hour of being operated on I had a light lunch and cup of tea, then I was being driven home by my husband to recuperate in the comfort of my own home.
The nursing service was wonderful with my nurse Cheryl taking care of me from my arrival until discharge and post op and a few hours later I had a courtesy call from the Westbourne Centre to check my welfare.

I would definitely recommend sedation because you only sort of know what's going on but have no pain or discomfort and none of the side effects associated with general anaesthetic.


A facelift can help men and women to 'wind the clock back' by reversing the effects of gravity and the signs of ageing on the face and jowls as well as improving the contour of the neck. The...

Fat Transfer

AKA Fat grafting, Fat injections, Fat relocation, Fat transplant, Lipomodelling, Body contouring, Autologous fat transfer, Fat redistribution

Fat transfer involves removing fat from one part of the body using liposuction, and re-inserting it into another part of the body to add volume to that particular area.

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