“The surgery has given me the confidence I have been missing for years!"

  • “The surgery has given me the confidence I have been missing for years!"

Rachel recently had a breast augmentation procedure with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story…

The Decision
I had, for as long as I remember, always been self-conscious of my breasts as I always felt that they were too small, so a boob job was always something I had considered. However, I was terrified of surgery and being put under general anaesthetic – I blame my dad for giving me his irrational fears! The fear of not waking up again or complications arising during the procedure, lead me to delay having the surgery.

Then a few years ago, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and I began actively searching online for cosmetic surgery centres. However, fear was still in my way and eventually I gave up, finding that most clinics only offer breast augmentation under general anaesthetic. That was until I happened to stumble upon a Daily Mail article which featured Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa and Mr Fazel Fatah. The news article talked about a ‘lunch time boob job’ and as I read on further I was thrilled to see that this meant that they were offering cosmetic procedures using local anaesthetic and sedation (LAS).

Upon finding the article online, I then began to pry further into The Westbourne Centre and Mr Nishikawa and was pleased to find very positive reviews as well as a 5-star rating by the NHS. After this, I very quickly decided it was time to call and book myself in for a consultation.

The Consultation
My consultation at The Westbourne Centre was actually my second. I visited another clinic prior to this but in the end I wasn’t impressed with its reviews. It also didn’t offer LAS which was another key reason I decided not to proceed.

My consultation was with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa, who was the surgeon who would then go on to do my surgery. I chose Mr. Nishikawa based on several reasons. Firstly, I was impressed that he had studied at Cambridge University and secondly, he had lots of experience and great reviews.

Upon meeting him I found Mr Nishikawa to be relaxed and knowledgeable, I instantly felt as though I could trust him. During my consultation, we talked about my reasons for wanting to have the surgery and my fears. Naturally, anyone searching for this type of procedure will come across horror stories and I was keen to be honest with Mr Nishikawa about this. Luckily, he was able to reassure me that this isn’t common providing you have chosen a good surgeon and follow your post-op instructions.

We also discussed the size of the breast implants and how big they would be. For me it was important that the implants weren’t too big as I didn’t want my new boobs to look fake. Mr Nishikawa took the time to examine and measure me to see what would be appropriate and give me the most natural looking breasts. We agreed that going up one cup size would be the right decision.

After my consultation, there was a two-week cooling off period which gave me the chance to really think about the procedure and ensure that it was right for me. Of course, the answer was yes and as soon as I was able to, I booked in for surgery, scheduling the procedure to coincide with the end of my degree.

The Surgery
On the day of the surgery I had a lot of mixed emotions. I was very excited but also understandably very nervous as I had never been in hospital before! However, mostly I felt relief that finally after 10 years the day I had always dreamed about was finally happening.

I walked down to surgery and looked into the operating room; seeing all the equipment made me feel very safe. I was then introduced to the operating team and anaesthetist. They then gave me a run-down of the procedure and talked about how the anaesthesia would work. We then chatted about my plans for a holiday and that is the last thing I remember!

I’m pleased to say I have no recollection of my breast enhancement procedure, but after waking up I was starving as you aren’t able to eat for 24 hours prior to the surgery. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for lunch!

After my surgery, I started on my pain relief programme right away, however, the pain medication that  I was taking made me feel and be very sick (I’ve since found out I’m allergic!). Luckily for me, one of The Westbourne Centre’s fabulous nurses was on hand to make sure I was okay. She was very attentive and supportive and helped to calm me down when I began to panic. Once I felt a little better I then headed home from the hospital with my boyfriend and stayed in a hotel for the night, so I was close to The Centre should I become unwell.

The Recovery
I followed Mr Nishikawa’s and the nurse’s strict instructions and for the next few weeks I didn’t raise my arms, lift anything or clean and I must say it was nice watching everyone else do the hard work for a change!

The first few days after the surgery were the worse in terms of pain but I managed it with some paracetamol which helped to take the edge off and worked well. When it was time to have my badges taken off, I visited my local GP who was really impressed with just how good the scars looked. Usually The Westbourne Centre would do this but as I live in London it was easier to see my own doctor rather than travel.

I was so very pleased with The Westbourne Centre’s after care and I was given a number that I could contact at any time should I have felt unwell. This gave me reassurance and showed that they genuinely cared about me rather than seeing me as a number like so many other hospitals do.

After three months, I had my post-operative appointment with Mr Nishikawa, who was really pleased with my progress. During the appointment, he measured my breasts and checked to ensure that I wasn’t encountering any problems or pain.

The Results
I was thrilled with the results of my breast augmentation and, like many women, I only wish I had done it sooner. However, I know that everything happens in its own time, I’m just so glad the time was now!

I’m very pleased to say that I am happy with the results of my surgery at The Westbourne Centre. The surgery has given me the confidence I have been missing for years and I’m now doing things that previously I felt very self-conscious doing, like swimming or wearing certain clothes. I recently graduated with a first-class honors in computer science and was able to pick out a lovely dress without a worry in the world.

My main goal was for my breasts to look natural and they do! Apart from the family members and friends I told I’m not sure anyone else has noticed which is exactly the type of response I was looking for.

The procedure also helped me to get over my fear of surgery and while I’m still not sure I’m ready to take on a general anaesthetic anytime soon, I feel a little more relaxed about it!

I would happily recommend The Westbourne Centre to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. They are a fabulous team who go above and beyond for their patients and I’m just so happy I was able to find them!

Breast Augmentation

AKA Breast Enlargement, Boob Job, Breast Enhancement, Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation is a procedure used to enhance the size and shape of the breasts using breast implants or fat transfer. 

Breast Reduction

AKA Boob reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a commonly performed procedure designed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. It may also result in a change of the breast shape.


AKA Breast uplift

Mastopexy is a procedure for raising or lifting sagging breasts by changing the size and elevation of the breast tissue.

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