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Are fillers right for me?

Are fillers right for me?

Dr Sajjad Rajpar, Consultant Dermatologist at The Westbourne Centre, talks through some of the more common questions regarding fillers… 

What exactly are fillers? 
Fillers are substances injected under the skin to fill hollows and lines or to give lift and volume. The most common filler material is hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that is present in the skin and gives structure. 

What are the top five reasons somebody might want a filler injection? 
Fillers are used to improve the appearance of an individual. When used skillfully, they provide a natural look, and help an individual appear 'fresh', more beautiful or handsome, and 'good for their age'. 

Fillers can also used to improve certain facial features to bring balance to the whole face. For example, filler can be used to bring out a small chin and allow it to be balanced with the lips and nose.

The top five areas for having fillers are:-

  • Cheek and under eye ("tear trough") augmentation - to improve flattening of the cheeks and hollowing under the eyes
  • Lip definition and augmentation - to have more defined lips, or fuller lips, or both, and to bring up the corners of the mouth.
  • Temple augmentation - to fill out hollowing temples
  • Nasal contour - to smooth out the nasal contour
  • Fine lines and wrinkles - to fill out lines and wrinkles.

There are many other areas that fillers can be used - in the chin, in the forehead, around the mouth, at the base of the nose and even in the ear-lobe.

I thought fillers were just for filling in lines?
No, definitely not. Fillers were initially only used for filling out lines, but it soon became apparent that this did not always make someone look younger or better. Restructuring the face and bringing balance between the different facial features is an important use of fillers. The key aim is to bring harmony and balance to the face.

You mentioned lips – a lot of people have become wary of lip fillers because they can look so artificial. What do you think about that?
I agree - when done improperly, over augmented lips are a tell tale sign of a filler injection. Using modern products which are designed especially for the lips, and making a treatment plan that is realistic and fits the facial features of an individual, helps to ensure that lip augmentation remains natural at all times.

What’s the best way to find out if fillers can be something that could help me?
Book a consultation at The Westbourne Centre with one of our expert consultant surgeons. To book a consultation, please call 0121 456 0895.

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