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Get ready to fight the flu for just £10!

Get ready to fight the flu for just £10!

With the winter nights slowly creeping in, it’s that time of year where everyone starts to worry about the flu. The flu (or influenza to give it its full title) is much more than just a common cold. Aching muscles, chills and sweats, sickness as well as persistent coughing and sneezing can leave even the healthiest of people bed-ridden for up to a week. 

We highly recommend that anyone over the age of 65, pregnant women and children or adults with underlying health conditions or compromised immunity should have a flu immunisation. For those who fall into these groups, coming down with flu can be dangerous. To ensure these at-risk groups stay protected, it is important for as many people around them to also have the vaccination. This stops the spread of influenza and reduces the likelihood of mutation, which can lead a virus to become stronger and vaccine-resistant. Those working in direct contact with at-risk groups are therefore also strongly advised to get immunised. This is particularly important for healthcare staff and teachers, but everyone could benefit from being protected against flu.

To book your flu jab, please call our team on 0121 456 8140. It costs just £10.

For more information on the flu, please visit Midland Health:

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