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Choosing to have cosmetic surgery - Your patient journey

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery - Your patient journey

We understand that choosing to have cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest decisions you'll make. 

You need to be confident that you have chosen the right surgeon who listens to you and understands what you want to achieve. Equally, you want your surgeon to suggest realistic outcomes and ensure that you are fully aware of all the risks and benefits. 

Here at The Westbourne Centre, all of our experienced and dedicated staff and clinicians want to ensure that your journey is as stress free and comfortable as possible. We want to ensure that you are fully informed and that you are confident with the procedure that you are going to have.

Stages of your cosmetic surgery journey:

Initial chat with our patient advisers
Your journey will begin with an informal chat with one of our knowledgeable patient advisers. Whilst they are not clinical staff members, they will be able to answer your initial questions prior to committing to a full consultation. They can provide help and guidance as to which surgeon to choose for your cosmetic surgery. They can also give you an approximate cost for your surgery.

Booking your consultation
Once you've decided on the surgeon you'd like to see, one of our team will arrange for you to have a full consultation. The consultation fee is payable on booking to secure the appointment. At this point, we then suggest that you start to make a list of questions so that you have something to refer back to during your consultation.

Your consultation
On the day of your consultation, you will be greeted by our friendly reception team and asked to complete a short medical questionnaire. Your consultation will then take place with your chosen surgeon and will normally take between 30 to 45 minutes. Your surgeon will listen to what you would like to achieve from surgery and suggest options for you as well as the likely outcomes. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and provide you with resources to help you with your decision. If the consultant has relevant before and after photos of previous patients they have treated, they can show you these during your consultation.

It is important to remember that all consultations are no obligation, and we will support you should you decide not to proceed with any treatment.

Cooling off period
Following your consultation, there is a two week ‘cooling off’ period (no surgery will be able to take place during this period). This ensures that you give yourself some time to consider all of your options and feel confident that you are making the right decision for you. If you feel that you would like to see your surgeon for a second consultation, then this can also be arranged for you.

Booking your surgery date
Once you have decided to go ahead with your cosmetic surgery procedure, you will liaise with our bookings team to arrange a suitable date.

Pre-operative assessment
Once your surgery date has been confirmed, one of our nurses will call you to carry out a pre-operative assessment. They will confirm all the details that you completed in your medical questionnaire and talk you through what you can expect on your surgery day.

Surgery day
As all of our surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation, you will arrive for your surgery and go home on the same day. The surgery will take place in our state of the art theatre at the same location in Birmingham.

Post-operative appointments
Following your surgery, our reception team will arrange your follow up appointments with you. Your first appointment will be with the nursing staff at about one week post-op for dressing changes and wound checks to make sure everything is healing well..

Depending on the type of surgery you have, you will see your consultant anywhere between 1 and 12 weeks post-op, and your consultant will then arrange to see you at regular intervals in the first year so that they can monitor your healing process and overall outcome. Only once you and your consultant are happy with the final result will you be discharged.

Every patient’s journey is unique so the process will be tailored to you and your specific needs. If you have any further questions, please call us on 0121 456 8140.

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