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Get the facts about moles and skin cancer

Get the facts about moles and skin cancer

Most skin cancers are caused by damage from UV (ultraviolet) rays in sunlight. These cancers could be prevented if we protect ourselves from the sun. The number of cases has almost tripled since the early 1980's.

At The Westbourne Centre we feel early detection is the key to saving lives and an annual skin screen during our Mole Clinic is recommended. Our specialist nurse will carry out a 'top-to-toe' visual assesment and using the latest digital computerised technology, analyse any moles that need a closer look. If necessary, a referral will be made to one of our Consultant Surgeons, who will make a decision on whether the mole needs to be removed and sent for further investigation.

This service is available to anyone over the age of 18 and does not require a GP referral. Sadly for a lot of us, having been exposed to the sun as a child and suffered sunburn doubles our risk of developing skin cancer! It is therefore SO important to keep covered up in the sun and to check for any signs of change to existing moles or the sudden arrival of new ones.

The latest craze of 'competitive tanning' amongst the younger set is just sheer madness and is evident of the naivity of that age group to the dangers of the sun. The longer someone stays in the sun, the more likely they are to burn and hence the possibility of developing skin cancer.

The Skin Screening service can offer peace of mind in the knowledge that a regular check may detect any early signs of skin cancer and act immediately to help prevent further change.

Call 0121 456 0897 now to book your full body Mole Check.

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