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Giorgina's safe summer skin advice

Giorgina's safe summer skin advice

Well, what a summer we are having! What better way to recover from a long winter, than to catch some rays and plenty of doses of vitamin D. So here is some information about sunscreens to help keep you safe.

As you may know, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to the amount of time it will protect your skin from the sun, which is calculated by the time it takes for you to burn, multiplied that by the SPF. So if you burn in 5 minutes and wear SPF 15 it should give you 75 minutes of protection. But what if I told you that UVB is mostly responsible for sunburn, therefore many sunscreens are focused on UVB protection and give poor UVA protection. UVA accounts for 95% of UV rays that reach the earth. Not only that, they can pass through glass, damage deeper layers of the skin effecting collagen and elastin, causing skin ageing. Most alarmingly, however, research suggests that UVA does increase the risk of skin cancer, but because UVA does not necessarily cause sunburn, we are often oblivious to this even happening.

So what can you do about this?

  • Firstly, don’t be misled by a high SPF, always look to see if it has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
  • Wear sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days, after all it is your best protection against skin ageing.
  • Don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours, or if you’ve been swimming and towel drying your skin.
  • Look for Zinc Oxide on the ingredients if you can, as it is the absolute gold standard for broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Many companies do not use Zinc Oxide as it is expensive and can leave you looking chalky. But times have moved on, and formulations are much improved, making it a great option.


All of our AlumierMD sunscreens are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide based, which means broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and as they are physical rather than chemical sunscreens, they have very low toxicity levels. Whether you like a clear or tinted to match your skin tone, we have one appropriate for your skin type. Come and see us to discuss which one would best suit you.


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