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Handbags at the Ready!

Handbags at the Ready!

It’s that time of year again and here at The Westbourne Centre we’ve decided to do things a little differently this year…

For most, Christmas is a time for festivity, family & friends. However for many, this time of the year can be a real struggle.

This year at The Westbourne Centre, rather than sending cards to each other, we are working with the charity ‘Helping Handbag’s’ to support women who are homeless or in crisis.

We originally started it as a staff project but we’ve decided to volunteer ourselves as a ‘Donation Station’ so our patients and the local community can also get involved.

All you need to do is dig out any spare handbag you that you no longer use and fill them with snacks and sanitary/hygiene products.  You can then bring the bag over to us here at The Westbourne centre and they will be collected by the Charity. 

The bags are then distributed by the Charity to local homeless women and women in crisis this Christmas.

Don’t have a spare handbag? Not a problem!

You can still be involved by donating anything from toothbrushes, sanitary products, deodorant, shampoo and tissues as well as soap, snacks, scarfs, gloves and underwear.

Read more about this brilliant cause on their Facebook page.

For more information contact Dan Edwards on 0121 456 0895 or Annette Arculus 0121 456 0899

Please make sure all donations are with us by the 12th December 2015

Thank you for your support!

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