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Hay fever injection - how can it help?

Summer is on it's way and so is the pollen...

Hay fever injection - how can it help?

Most people jump for joy when the weather gets hotter and the flowers start to bloom. But that normally means the pollen count is higher, so for 13 million of us in the UK, we start to put up our defences. Tissues at the ready!

Hay fever suffers will be all too familiar with the symptoms; runny nose, itchy throat and eyes and not forgetting, sneezing. Antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops are the most common remedy and for most of us, they suffice. However, for the people who have tried all of the above and are fed up of sitting inside for most of the summer months, there is another option.

Dr Rupa Parmar, our Private General Practitioner, is now offering a hay fever injection that can potentially defend you against pollen while improving your quality of life. Dr Parmar gives us a little more insight into this treatment…

What is the name of this medicine?

Why would someone have this injection?
If you’ve tried everything, tablets, sprays and drops and you still have debilitating symptoms; then this could be the treatment for you. The injection is used for extreme cases, where hay fever can affect lives, their jobs, home and social situations.

Hay fever affects people in different months, would the injection still be effective for everyone?
The Kenalog injection is designed to treat all different types of hay fever, such as tree, grass and weed pollen.

When would be the best time to have the hay fever injection?
The sooner the better is what I say, as pollen can affect people as early as March, especially if we’ve had an unusually warm winter, like the one we’ve just had. However, if you usually suffer from hay fever symptoms, starting your defence action around April/May is a great time to nip it in the bud (excuse the pun), which also applies for the injection.

Where is Kenalog injected?
We inject into the buttocks, an area that causes less pain and where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Would you need more than one injection?
No, in most cases one injection is enough for the symptoms to subside and would be only extremely rare cases, that a patient might need a second injection. Remember that the start of the season is the time to get the most benefit of the hay fever injection.

Who might not be able to use this treatment?
Patients going through chemotherapy, on oral steroids, or already suffer from a low immune system, would not be suitable for the injection. We would only be able to offer it to eligible patients.

Are there any side effects?
From my experience, the majority of my patients don’t suffer from any form of side effect. Although, like all medicines including Kenalog, can potentially cause short term and long term effects. Short term effects can involve, mood swings, headaches, dizziness, nausea and mild sleep disruption. While the long term effects can involve, thinning of the bones and increased risk of diabetes.

How does a hay fever sufferer take the next steps to get the Kenalog injection?
The patient would need a consultation with me, to discuss through the treatment, their medical history and any side effects that could occur. The consultation and treatment would be carried out in the same appointment.

And finally, how long does it take for the injection to take effect?
Kenalog is very effective and it would take no more than 5 days for the symptoms to subside.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Dr Rupa Parmar please call the centre on 0121 456 0880 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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