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Incredible surgeon and amazing experience

Incredible surgeon and amazing experience

We always love hearing about patients' experiences especially when they are as happy as this one! 

This lady had a lower facelift with Mr Kenneth Kok... 

"I was already familiar with my surgeon Mr Kenneth Kok, as he had performed my way overdue breast implant change earlier in the year with a fabulous outcome. I was so happy with my result that when I wanted to explore options for my lower facelift procedure, Mr Kok was the only surgeon I wanted to put my trust in again. 

After several thorough, detailed consults, I felt I had been given well balanced informative guidance on what could be done for me and the outcome I could expect.

Mr Kok doesn't promise miracles, but you'll look at yourself after and think he has definitely performed one. He is a truly lovely, honest and gracious gentleman and so, so, so, so great at what he does. I don't really know what else I can say except... go see this incredible surgeon for yourself, listen to what he has to say then put your trust in him 100% and you'll come out with the biggest smile on your face and no regrets. I did, twice, and my smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you Mr Kok!"

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For more information on cosmetic surgery procedures, or to book a consultation with Mr Kok, please call our patient enquiry team on 0121 456 8140.


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