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Mr Nishikawa featuring on Channel 5's Critical Surgery - Saving Lives

Mr Nishikawa featuring on Channel 5's Critical Surgery - Saving Lives

Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa, one of our Consultant Plastic Surgeons and a founding member of The Westbourne Centre, will be featuring on Channel 5's Critical Surgery - Saving Lives. 

The show, which airs on the 15th and 22nd February at 10pm, will focus on Mr Nishikawa's time volunteering with Facing Africa

The series follows twenty volunteer medics from the UK who travel to Ethiopia to perform life saving facial surgery.  The surgeons tackle complex groundbreaking reconstructive surgery on patients with little or no health care facilities. Ahead of each mission the charity searches for patients across the country - often in the poorest most remote regions. Each time, around 40 people wait to be seen by the UK team, many of whom have been ravaged by trauma and disease.

Mr Nishikawa is the leading craniofacial surgeon on the missions: "It’s always a worry for me because you never
quite know what you’re going to find. We’re dealing with diseases that are on the edge of our understanding."

Make sure you tune in!

(For those of you that miss it, you'll be able to find it on Channel 5's catch up service).

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