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Unusual commute to work?

Unusual commute to work?

Fed up with getting stuck in rush hour traffic, Mr Mark Wevill, one of our Consultant Ophthalmologists, opts for a more unusual mode of transport to commute to The Westbourne Centre... 

Ever wondered how consultants commute to work? Luxury car? Helicopter? Or a push bike for those keeping fit or doing their bit for the environment? Well, whilst most of our consultants travel by car, Mr Wevill opts to travel in his kayak. And not just any old kayak but a five metre long carbon fibre marathon kayak!

Mr Wevill, who takes part in marathon kayak events in his spare time, makes his way to The Westbourne Centre via the Birmingham canal system.  “In the summer and even in the winter on dry days, it’s a great way to travel. Taking in some beautiful scenery and getting some fresh air and exercise – definitely preferable to getting stuck in the rush hour commute. The only traffic I occasionally run into is families of ducks!  It’s also a great feeling knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment”.

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