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Update on our cosmetic surgery clinics and theatre lists

Update on our cosmetic surgery clinics and theatre lists

As you may already know, The Westbourne Centre has been providing support to the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst we are still continuing to support our local Trust hospitals, we have now been given the green light to resume some of our own services alongside this. This includes some of our cosmetic surgery services.

We are very excited to announce that face to face consultations can be booked again with all of our Consultant Cosmetic Surgeons. We still continue to follow strict government guidelines and both patient and staff safety is our priority.

The Consultants available for face to face consultations are as follows:

Mr Kenneth Kok - Every other Tuesday
Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa - Every Wednesday
Mr Fazel Fatah - Every Thursday
Mrs Effie Katerinaki - Every Friday

We are still able to offer virtual consultations for those patients that are unable to visit the Centre. Please speak to our patient enquiry team for further details.

If you asked to be added to our consultation waiting list, but have not yet heard from us, please give us a call on 0121 456 8140.

When can I have surgery?
As we are still under contract with the NHS, we have reduced capacity for private procedures. The few that have been booked up to now have been prioritised based on clinical urgency however, we are working hard to open up more dates. Smaller, simpler procedures may take place before Christmas. Larger, more complex procedures are likely to take place from January 2021 onwards.

How are we keeping you safe?
We would like to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe when you visit The Westbourne Centre. We pledge that we will do all we can to alleviate you concerns, reassure you and make your appointment or surgical admission as smooth and stress free as possible. Our Patient Pledge explains all the steps that we have taken to support this: Our Patients' Peace of Mind Pledge

If you have any questions, or would like to book a consultation, please contact our patient enquiry team on 0121 456 8140 or via

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