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What stress can do to the skin

We all lead busy stressful lives, but what effects does it have on our skin?

What stress can do to the skin


Regardless if you are prone to spots or not, stress likes to bring them along for the ride. Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol, which can override your other hormones and cause breakouts. 

There are many techniques to tackle stress, such as meditation and exercise. So next time you are feeling stressed, take a deep breath and count to ten.

Under Eye Bags

We've all had those nights when we cannot sleep, for thinking about our busy day ahead and what we end up with is two puffy eyes.

Try and change your bedtime routine, by switching off all devices, cutting out caffeine and getting an early night, you'll thank us in the morning.

Fine Lines

Did anyone ever say, 'if the wind changes, your face will stick like that'? Okay, we know that's not entirely true, however, if you enjoy a good frown, those lines will stick around. Stress can cause less attractive facial expressions and so over time, deeper lines.

Try to be aware of your facial expression, especially when you are sat at your desk concentrating. You could try keeping a mirror at your desk, asking people to help point out when you’re frowning and the golden rule; smile!

Dry Flaky Skin

If you are leading a stressful life, chances are you're drinking too much caffeine and not enough water. We all know caffeine can dry out the skin and if you’re not counteracting it with water, then the skin will suffer.

If you have a busy work schedule, try putting some regular notifications on your device to remind you to drink water throughout the day. If you don’t like water, then try eating your hydration. Watermelon (who’d have thought) peaches, cucumber and oranges, to name a few, contain high levels of water.




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