The safe removal of body hair is important for numerous reasons, from aesthetics to religious purposes.  The Westbourne Centre is sensitive to your needs and provides a clean, medical environment for your treatment, alongside high quality customer service.  We use the industry-leading waxing system proven to reduce cross-contamination, PhD.

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If you would like a longer lasting solution to hair removal, but are not quite ready to take the step to permanent hair removal, then waxing is the most obvious choice.

At The Westbourne Centre we use the PhD safe wax system, which is one of the world’s leading products for waxing. It is a quick and easy method of waxing and we offer an extensive range of treatments to suit both men and women.

PhD stands for professional, hygienic and disposable and the PhD safe wax system is the only waxing product that reduces the risk of cross-contamination; the PhD system uses a unique individually packaged applicator head that is thrown away after each client use. It is safe and clean and you will feel well looked after by our experienced beauty therapist.


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Patient Stories

"My whole life is now back on track"
Christine had a facelift with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story... At the beginning of last year I went through a very traumatic phase in my life, I lost a lot of weight very quickly and consequently my face suffered. I lost confidence and didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, I...

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Who will I see at my consultation?
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