Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

AKA Boob reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a commonly performed procedure designed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. It may also result in a change of the breast shape.

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Why should I consider a breast reduction?
There are a number of reasons why patients choose to have a breast reduction. Excessively large breasts can result in health-related problems including back, neck and shoulder discomfort and poor posture. It can also cause difficulty with sporting activities, getting clothing to fit properly as well as causing self-consciousness.

What does a breast reduction procedure involve?
Generally, a breast reduction procedure involves:
- Moving the nipple to a new position
- Removing excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts
- Reshaping the remaining breast tissue

There are a few different ways that a breast reduction procedure can be performed (which result in the difference in scars) and the technique used will depend on factors such as your age, skin elasticity as well as the degree of droopiness of the breasts.

Our surgeons are experienced in the different techniques and will recommend the procedure that would work best in your circumstances.

Where will the incisions be made?
When performing a breast reduction procedure, the surgeon will make an incision around your nipple (to reposition it). Then, depending on the technique used, they may make a vertical incision that runs down your breast and a horizontal incision in the crease underneath the breast (this is known as an anchor scar), or they may just choose to make the vertical incision.

You will be fully informed about the implications of having breast reduction surgery including the pattern of scarring and any possible short-term or long-term complications during your consultation.

How long will the recovery period be?
As with all breast surgery at The Westbourne Centre, a breast reduction will be carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation. Patients are not unconscious; they breathe for themselves meaning that patients are able to go home the same day to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Our surgeons will normally recommend breast reduction patients have two weeks off work however this does vary from patient to patient and will also depend on the type of work that you do.

Prices from £6,790

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Who will I see at my consultation?
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