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Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a nose job, is one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedures and is chosen as a result of a patient feeling self-conscious about his or her facial appearance or profile.

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The ultimate objective of a rhinoplasty is to create a size, shape and profile which is in proportion to the rest of the individual’s facial features.

Nose surgery can be used to increase or decrease the size of the nose or change the shape or size of the tip or the span of the nostrils. It can also be used to help relieve obstructive breathing problems or correct post traumatic deformities.

A rhinoplasty can help men and women of different ages, but is usually carried out on individuals over the age of 18 once the structure of the nose is fully formed. Depending on the complexity and extent of nasal reshaping required, surgery usually takes between one to two hours and can be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation here at The Westbourne Centre.

Incisions and Scarring
Usually the incisions made to allow reshaping are hidden inside the nose; this is referred to as a 'closed rhinoplasty'. Sometimes a small, inconspicuous scar running on the base of the central column of the nose (the columella) may be needed; this is known as an 'open rhinoplasty'. In some cases, you may require a ‘septorhinoplasty’ which is the combination of a rhinoplasty and septoplasty. A septoplasty is surgery to correct a deviated septum.

During a rhinoplasty procedure at The Westbourne Centre, patients are given a local anaesthetic with intra-venous sedation and pain-killers, but are not completely unconscious and breathe for themselves. The patients are normally discharged home within two hours after the operation.

The use of local anaesthesia with sedation is one of the benefits of all rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery procedures performed at The Westbourne Centre, as our patients will be able to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Time off work is an individual matter, and will vary from patient to patient. Things to consider would be how physically demanding your job is and the type of environment you work in. Often a protective splint is worn for about a week after nose surgery, especially if manipulation of the nasal bones was required during surgery. You will be quite bruised and swollen for up to 14 days, so you may wish to keep a low profile if you are concerned about people seeing you during your recovery.

Our surgeons will usually recommend two weeks off work, but you may be able to return sooner if you are in a sedentary role and able to take regular rest breaks. They will also advise that you should not drive until the bruising and swelling has gone down, which can take up to 14 days. You should not fly for approximately three weeks following surgery.

Recovery rates do vary from patient to patient. It can take up to 12 months for the nose to fully heal and for the final shape to become apparent and with all rhinoplasty procedures, there is an inherent chance of adjustments following surgery.

The nature of rhinoplasty surgery and the delicateness of the nose, and surrounding bone and tissue, means the shape of the nose can change in the months following surgery. It is important that you return for follow-up appointments with your surgeon so we can monitor your progress and ensure you are happy with your outcome as it settles.

You will be fully informed about the implications of having a rhinoplasty and any possible short or long-term complications during your consultation.

Before and after photos
As everyone is different, it is important to understand that outcomes can vary post-operatively for each individual patient. We do not publish before and after photos of any facial plastic surgery on our website, nor do we distribute them prior to the consultations. Our surgeons will show you some images during the consultation which are relevant to your individual case. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage expectations if you’ve seen images where the end result is not compatible with your facial shape, features and proportions. It is also useful for the surgeon to talk you through the transformation and why they achieved the result they did.

Your Westbourne Centre surgeon will give impartial advice and have a thorough discussion with you on the nature of the surgery, your suitability for it and the type of approach and procedure that can produce the optimum result in your case. You will be fully informed about the implications of having this operation including the limitations of the technique, the position of the scars and any possible short-term or long-term complications.

Our surgeons aim is to ensure that you have realistic expectations of what is achievable. The final decision to have surgery is, as always, your own personal choice.

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