General Surgery

General Surgery

When choosing a location for your hernia, vasectomy or varicose vein treatment, consider the quality of the medical staff and your recovery time.

At the Westbourne Centre, our consultant general and vascular surgeons are all registered with the Royal College of Surgeons and perform procedures in our state-of-the-art theatre using local anaesthetic with or without sedation.

Hernia Repair

A hernia can be painful and uncomfortable, but not always; they occur when an internal organ is pushed through the tissue wall or a weakness in the surrounding muscle.


Sclerotherapy is a treatment for small thread veins, also known as telangiectasia. It involves injecting the tiny veins with an irritant solution using a very fine needle. It is suitable for...

Varicose Veins

At The Westbourne Centre, our accredited and experienced Consultant Vascular surgeons provide a friendly and personalised service from initial consultation, right through to your aftercare.

Specialist Consultants

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