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Medical Tattooing

The medical tattoo is a procedure that has grown in popularity in the previous years. Addressing issues such as; hair loss, alopecia, breast areola and nipple reconstruction, cleft lip and scar revision. These treatments are subtle and a way to gain a natural look.

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Nipple Areola Complex (N.A.C) Tattooing and Breast Reduction Scars

Reconstruction breast surgery is extremely popular, not only for beauty requirements but also for medical purposes. Such a procedure, however, can leave the areola, nipple or both removed or damaged. Over a series of sessions, we can create an areola and even give the illusion of a 3D nipple. Areola re-colouring is a multi-procedure whereby colour is layered to match an existing areola.

Breast reconstruction scars can also leave scars, which do fade with time, however, this treatment can help speed up the process.

Scars and Stretch Marks

For this treatment, a process called Dry Tattooing (also known as MCA Micro Needing) is used. This treatment is used on damaged skin, relaxing and smoothing scars and also reducing stretch marks. No pigment is used on the skin as the skin around the stretch mark or scar can change colour, so the treated area will no longer blend with the skin around it. Essentially this treatment brings new life into damaged skin, causing the growth of healthy new collagen to repair and plump up the skin, just like Dermaroller or micro-needling. 

Skin Camouflage For Burns and Skin Grafts

Where a patient has had a skin graft for whatever reason, skin camouflage treatments can be used to help match the areas surrounding.  By working from the centre of the graft/burn towards the outside edges, colour can be gradually added creating a natural look. Using carefully matching coloured pigments, a shallow camouflage or a mosaic technique is used, making scars a thing of the past.

Scalp and Stubble Camouflage 

Many people have parts of their body where hair just simply won't grow. Scalp camouflage works by creating the appearance of hair follicles, giving a natural shaved down effect. Hair stroke techniques are used to take the glare away from a balding area, camouflaging with existing hair and ultimately giving the illusion of density.

Cleft Lip

If someone you know or yourself has had Cleft Lip Palate surgery, and in many cases has left scaring and uneven lips, this treatment is designed to make it look better. Our treatments involve micro pigmentation and in some cases MCA (dry needling). By repositioning the illusion of the cupids bow, to the centre of the lips, a dramatic change can be seen immediately after the procedure. In addition, sometimes the scar above the lips needs attention, which can be worked first with MCA (dry needling), to encourage new collagen to form. This action can flatten and soften the scar making the creation of the cupids bow more successful.


Skin camouflage is used to match closely to the colour of your skin. It is recommended that before this treatment is carried out, that the vitiligo has remained static for at least 7 years, as it could trigger a breakout and cause it to spread. A breakout can happen, so a patient is advised to take careful consideration before embarking on this procedure.

Tattoo Lightening or Removal 

There are many different ways to remove unwanted tattoos and if laser or surgical excision is not ideal, this treatment might just be for you. This procedure works best on coloured tattoos, as the solution used has been made specifically for removing semi-permanent pigment. This procedure is a multi-treatment process, as the solution is implanted into the tattoo, which helps to lift the colour gradually.

Prices from £250

Patient Stories

As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought, ‘why not treat myself?’
I’d been told by several people about the HydraFacial and how brilliant it was for treating problematic skin, as well as for its anti-aging properties. I have always suffered on and off with problematic skin and it has always bugged me. As I was turning 30 for my next birthday, I thought,...

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