Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Zoe Carter has been involved in the beauty and medical industry for over 15 years and is fully trained to the highest standards in both aesthetic and medical permanent cosmetics.

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Zoe Carter has been involved in the beauty and medical industry for over 15 years and is fully trained to the highest standards in both aesthetic and medical permanent cosmetics.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Over-plucked, thin or asymmetrical eyebrows can throw off the rest of the proportions of the face, and drawing eyebrows on is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Hair by Hair Simulation is a procedure which mimics the appearance of real hairs in the eyebrows. It gives a very natural, realistic look and is suitable for ladies and men of all ages who would like to have fuller, rounder eyebrows.

Colours are matched to the individual and to their own hair colour and skin tone. It is an excellent option for those who prefer the softer, more discreet look.

Colour Mist is a cosmetic alternative to the hair simulation technique. A soft, powdery veil of colour is infused into the eyebrow area - again perfectly matched to hair colour and skin tones but the result gives a more tailored look. It is a great option for clients who like a slightly more prominent brow or shape. It gives a similar look to using a pencil but with a far more precise finish.


The eyes are the focal point on your face and normally what is noticed about you first, so this procedure is extremely popular.

This treatment infuses medical quality and ophthalmology approved pigments along the lash line to create a wonderful effect and enhancement to the eyes.

Pigment can be matched and placed in between your own eyelashes, however sparse, to give the illusion of thicker, fuller eyelashes. Alternatively, a more defined eyeliner can be achieved in your choice of colour on either the top, bottom or both.

Hair Simulation

This treatmeant can be used to treat small areas of alopecia (loss of hair) by concealing bald patches with the use of pigments which are carefully applied to give the illusion of real hair.

This treatment can be used following hair transplants, injury or unexplained alopecia and is highly effective.


The intra dermal pigmentation for lip colour is just stunning. It can actually appear to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the colour.

Lip line: Sometimes clients just want redefinition on a missing, faded, uneven or thin lip line. For this a natural colour in pink or brown would be used to provide a soft, youthful contour. Bolder colours can be used for a crisper lip line.

Blended Lip line: If a slightly more cosmetic result is required the blended lip line can be created. Again, the contour of the lip line would be emphasised but with a slight blush of colour being blended from the lip line onto the lips, and fading out towards the centre of the lips giving a 'hint of a tint'.

Full Lip Blush: For the perfect pout the full lip blush is a suitable choice. The whole of the lips are redefined in the custom made colour of choice to give a real alternative to everyday lipstick! Shape, size , symmetry and colour can all be changed with this procedure. This treatment also prevents regular lipsticks and glosses from bleeding into the surrounding skin.

Prices range from £325 to £595. 

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