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Welcome... to the Westbourne Centre. Here you can expect the highest level of medical care, delivered by consultants and specialists, in a beautiful, state-of-the-art private day hospital in the heart of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter, Birmingham.

Each of our consultants is committed to helping you achieve a sense of wellbeing, inside and out. We work with you to identify the source of your concerns, then help you decide the best treatments or procedures to rectify the situation.

As good listeners, we are committed to ensuring the chosen option is absolutely right for you.

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Health Investor Awards 2013 winner
  • The HydraFacial™ - The latest phenomenon

    Everyone is talking about this latest phenomenon, the HydraFacialTM.  In a nutshell, the HydraFacialTM is a resurfacing procedure that thoroughly cares for your skin. This internal skin bath sweeps across the skin purging dirt and oils from the pores in a gentle motion. It provides cleansing, detoxifying (lymphatic drainage), exfoliation, a mild AHA peel,...


Care Quality Commission Health Investor Awards 2013 Independent Healthcare Advisory Services